Launched in Tunis in 2010, Monresto is a start-up FOODTECH, linking the most popular restaurants, passionate steeds, and customers wishing to be delivered quality meals.

Its unique business model provides restaurant partners a reliable delivery service, turnkey, while providing a second source of income. Delivery of food is a very different activity from that of the restaurant business, and is very complex to implement.

With Monresto, restaurants can increase their revenues per square meter, and provide impeccable delivery service, without risk or additional cost.

Thanks to new technologies, Monresto goes a step further by allowing customers to track their orders in real time. The unique algorithm developed by the team today allows to be delivered in record time from hundreds of restaurants.


In 2010, two childhood friends, Sami Tounsi and Adnen Tekaya decided to focus on creating a delivery service that would allow everyone to be delivered the dishes of the best restaurants in the city with ease. Sami Tounsi, CEO of Monresto was at that time married young and awaiting her first child. Between work and home regularly to help his wife, Sami was often delivering pizzas at night, the only offer available at that time. Developping a fast, reliable and intuitive service to take delivery of its dishes restaurants quickly came to his mind. The concept is gradually clarified and Zied Ouardani, the chief engineer at Monresto, quickly joined the two friends to contribute to what would become the revolution of the delivery of meals at home.

They set up an appropriate technology to make quick deliveries from the best restaurants of the city, via a fleet of couriers scooter and bicycle. 3rd chainon of Monresto model, couriers will quickly appreciate the originality and benefits of the model. work schedules, direct-pay the shipping and pleasure of just around town, everyone was won over. In a new socio-economic context, the creation of employment for dozens of young workers would be able to materialize. The adventure would begin.

The three founders are passionate about good food and technology, and have combined their skills to revolutionize the home delivery area and enjoy thousands of Tunisian foodies, home.

The best restaurants are finally delivered at home